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Providing a high standard of short or long term Technology rentals.
VR Ready Notebook's
VR Ready PC's
VR Ready PC's
Do not leave yourself at the mercy of technical problems that may interfere with your event. We understand what is required to make your event successful without the stress and within budget. Please call us today to discuss your requirements.   514-626-1000

Conventions and trade shows:

We have gained experience and understanding of what it takes to make your event a success without upsetting your budget. Let us apply our expertise in providing you with the configuration for your network, Internet cafes, media rooms, office centers or presentation rooms.

Training classes and traveling

We kept our ears open and learned that not all applications are simple and straightforward. With our extensive product knowledge and our abundant stocks, we can equip materials from starter to upscale, to implement your custom software in advance and test according to your requirements accurate. Learn about our mobile classes that can facilitate your training and make it more afordable.


It is comforting to know that when you need tools to put a task or project on track, an organization stands ready to take your IT support component so that everything runs like clockwork. Use your capital for your business, and allow the rental equipment into a tax deductible cost.

You can

  - Equipping a kiosk, media room, or Internet cafe.
  - Equip a temporary office
  - Installation of a temporary classroom for training of software or hardware.
  - Props for a movie set.
  - Rent a laptop for professional presentations or travel.
  - Obtain a temporary replacement for stolen or damaged equipment.

This is why partnering with Montreal Computer Rentals makes perfect sense. It is our business to know exactly what you need, to get you up an running in the shortest time, with the least amount of hassle to achieve the best result.

Whether you need computer or office equipment for a day, week or month, we offer the latest rental equipment (hardware and software), and unparalleled service and support to meet your needs.

Whatever the situation, Montreal Computer Rentals can provide you with the right rental equipment, customized with your operating systems and software specifications, and quality tested to ensure top performance in your environment.

Your computer and office equipment is delivered and installed by our certified technicians ensuring a hassle-free rental experience.

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We deliver top quality affordable solutions and reliable equipment to meet your needs. Whether a few laptops for your business trip or more than a couple hundred computers for training on custom software or a conference, let us offer a simple and afordable plan.
We have a wide variety of desktops, laptops, servers, workstations, computer monitors, printers and peripherals, so we can ensure you meet all your needs and even more. We invite you to give us the required task to enable us to provide a successful solution and support of our technical service team 24/7.